10 Meats and Cheeses You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Unless You’re a Hardcore Foodie)

10 Meats and Cheeses You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Unless You’re a Hardcore Foodie)

Everyone knows about prosciutto and Calabrese salami. Here are ten meats and cheeses that you probably won’t find at your typical grocery store or deli.


1. Brocciu

brocciu - charcuterie boards

A Corsican sheep/goat cheese made from whey. It is a fresh cheese and can be eaten immediately, or can be ripened 14 to 30 days. It has a milky, sweet flavour, and pairs well with Beaujolais or Corsican red wine.

2. Prizuttu

Corsican cured ham. David McAninch of Saveur describes it as “gossamer ribbons of dry-cured ham called prizuttu, generously marbled and dark ruby red, made from Corsican pigs fattened on the chestnuts that grow abundantly on the island.”

3. Jamon iberico

Spanish cured ham. Made from the black Iberian pig, this cured meat comes in 3 different qualities, the best of which involves the pigs roaming oak forests and eating only acorns for the last period of their lives. As a result, jamon iberico is among the most expensive cured meat money can buy.

4. Butifarra

Catalan sausage that comes raw or cooked. There are two types of cooked butifarra: white, and black, which contains pork blood and sometimes includes pine nuts and/or raisins.

5. La chang

Southern-style Chinese sausages. They are usually made of pork, have a high fat content, and are pleasantly sweet and savoury. They are often seasoned with rose water, rice wine, and soy sauce. You can often find them in various dim sum dishes.

6. Lop yuk

Chinese dried bacon. Generally made with pork belly (rarely, made with pork shoulder), the meat is sliced, seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, spices, and rose wine or Chinese cooking wine, and dried.

7. Kokos

Coconut cheese. Made with fresh, pasteurized cow’s milk and organic coconut cream. It has a nutty taste and mild sweetness, and pairs well with fruit or crisp crackers and white wine.

8. Parenica

Slovak smoked cheese. This sheep’s milk cheese is traditionally made in the mountainous region of Podpol’anie in central Slovakia. The cheese is steamed, formed into a spiral, then dried and smoked. It is eaten fresh, usually with boiled potatoes, or used in dishes like halusky.

9. Datse

Bhutanese fresh cheese. Traditionally home-made from or cow’s or yak’s milk curds. The cheese is used to make ema datse, Bhutan’s national dish, which consists of chilies, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and garlic.

10. Red Windsor

Pink and white marbled English cheddar. Made with cow’s milk and Bordeaux or a mix of port wine and brandy. This cheese is fruity and creamy as semi-hard cheddar. Pairs excellently with port, grapes, and green salad.


How many of these did you already know about? What did we miss? Feel free to leave a comment!

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