Here at Charcuterie Boards, we’re passionate about three things: sustainability, food, and wood. That’s why we decided to come together and create a business focused on creating unique, high quality, locally sourced wood products for homes and kitchens. Here are some of the reasons why we believe in what we do:

Wood vs. Plastic

Wood is generally safer than plastic. Studies have shown that with proper cleaning, bacteria tend to sink below wooden surfaces and die off, whereas they are more prone to getting caught in small grooves on plastic surfaces and proliferate. This is especially true for cutting boards (which we also make!), so consider investing in a sturdy, high-quality one.

If you’d like to read more about a study done comparing wooden and plastic cutting boards, here is it, PLASTIC AND WOODEN CUTTING BOARDS.

Absolutely Unique

When serving or entertaining guests, we understand that food is the main attraction, but we believe in showcasing the vessel just as much. Our philosophy is to highlight the unique properties of every piece of wood we come by. No two trees or branches are exactly the same - this is why we choose to do end grain cuts to produce our boards. While these are more complicated to do compared to flat sawn boards, they expose more grain and look more beautiful - just as nature intended.

Locally Sourced

We use locally sourced Canadian wood, primarily from Southern Ontario. Normally, only the main body of trees are cut and used, while branches are thrown into the chipper. We take these branches, and instead of pulverizing them, turn them into beautiful charcuterie boards. Whenever possible, we use species that are not over-harvested or threatened, such as black walnut, which is also native to our region.

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